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Courses Fall 2024

Courses for students with a higher education degree in their home country.  

Small groups: 5 to 8 students

Daycourses: free language coach.

Sign up: send an e-mail to

Please note: in the contract for the course we ask you to promise:

1. that you will attend at least 80% of the lessons.

2. that you will do 20 hours homework per week

3. above A2: that you also practice Dutch outside of school (e.g. with volunteer work or a language buddy).

CourseGoal, starting level and method,
numer of hours a week
Time and price
for the entire course
(Payment by DUO loan or in 3 terms is possible,)
Beginner to A2
= A0 - A2.2
Fast course
Goal: A2 in January 2025.
Now you are a beginner and you can learn in a fast pace.
Method: Code+ deel 1 en 2
4,5 hours classes + 20 hours homework per week x 18 weeks = 36 classes

start 30 August 2024
Tuesday and Friday
10.30 – 12.45
Price: € 1782 or 3 x € 598.
Converstion B2+ online
Goal: B2+ speaking abilities
in December 2024.
Now you have B2. Method: no books but articles and the news. 1,5 hours classes + 2 hours homework per week
x 12 weeks = 12 classes

start 9 September 2024
Monday 20.00 - 21.30 by Zoom.
Price: € 396 or 3 x € 136.

A2 to B1
= A2.2.-B1.2
Fast course
Goal: B1 or Staatsexamen 1 in January 2025.
Now you have A2 and you can learn in a fast pace. Method: Code+ 3
6 hours classes + 20 hours homework per week x 18 weeks = 54 classes
start 2 September 2024
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
10.30 - 12.30
Price: € 2376 or 3 x € 796.
A2 to A2+
= A2.2.-B1.1
Normal Pace
(January: Continue to B1)
Goal: B1 or Staatsexamen 1 in July 2025.
Now you have A2 and you can learn in a normal pace. We work with different methods.
4 hours classes + 10 hours homework per week x 16 weeks = 32 classes
start 2 September 2024
Monday and Thursday
13.15 - 15.15
Price: € 1452 or 3 x € 488.
B1 to B2
= B1.2 - B 2.2
Fast course

Goal: B2 or Staatsexamen 2 in January 2025.
Now you have B1 and you can learn in a fast pace. Method: Code+ 4
6 hours classes + 20 hours homework per week x 18 weeks = 54 classes
start 30 August 2024
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
13.15 - 15.15
Price: € 2376 or 3 x € 796.
Private lessons
For all required skills and levels
Also ONA (B1+) for (former) students (other prices)
Classes for 1, 2, 3 or 4 students
Price per hour: € 70 per student or for 2 students € 40 per student,
for 3 students € 30 per student,
for 4 students € 25 per student.
hybride les met Marilene Gathier

Photo: Hybrid lessons, summer 2020

The courses

We give Dutch lessons in small groups and private lessons.

Some important things to know:

1. Generally, we start new courses every year in September and January and a course for beginners in the summer.

2. For lessons on location there are a maximum of 6 students in a group.

2. Because we start twice a year and have small groups, there is limited availability. It often happens that a course is full. Registration and intake take place in order of submission of the form. (see: intake step-by-step)

3. The courses are for higher educated students (minimum level of previous education is secondary school).

4. There are day courses and evening courses. All courses have 2 lessons per week. 

5. The student registers for a course period of 5 months. After that, he can decide whether to continue. Students who want to go to the next level are given priority over new students.

6. Within a course group, the students have the same starting level.

7. Our aim is to advance one level in one course period. When following a day course, in one course period of 5 months a student can go from beginner to A2, from A2 to B1, from B1 to B2 or from B2 to B2. When following evening courses, students will need two course periods of 5 months to advance one level.

8. Depending on availability it is possible to join a course after it has started. In that case, your level must be higher than the starting level. This will be tested during the intake. If you start the course more than one month after it has begun, your course fee will be lower.

cursus de taalvraag

Photo: Summer course 2019, students working together

werkvorm de taalvraag

Private lessons

There are also (limited) options for private lessons with 1 to 4 students. Private lessons are only possible during the day. Private lessons can start at any time of the year, depending on availability. The number of lessons and the end goal will be determined by mutual agreement

Possibilities include:

training for 1 or 2 skills (e.g. speaking)

exam training for the Integration Exam A2, State Exam I or II

KNM (Knowledge of Dutch Society)

online lessons for the Integration Examination A1 when you are abroad

ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market) if you have level A2 (this is a 64-hour course only in combination with an internship or (volunteer) work)

priveles met Ruth De Taalvraag

Photo: Private lessons with Ruth, summer 2020

The intake procedure step-by-step

1. If you are interested in a course, you can ask for more information. You will also be informed when a course starts and whether there is availability.

2. If you can start in the short term, you fill in an intake form.

3. If you can be placed in a course group, you will receive an invitation for an intake.

4. You will be tested during the intake. You always take a learnability test. If you are not a beginner, you also take tests to assess your language level. For example, if you want to do a course from A2 to B1, you will receive tests at level A2. You must demonstrate to have level A2 for all skills. If you have a diploma for the Integration Exam or State Exam, these tests are not necessary.

5. You will be interviewed during the intake. We not only look at your level, but also at your motivation and your options. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the course.

6. If you have the required the starting level for a course and you are motivated and willing to follow the course, you will receive a contract by e-mail for the course in question.

7. You sign the contract for the course in our school or online. When the contract is signed, you are enrolled and your place within the course is reserved.

8. You start with the course. The first lesson of the course is generally a trial lesson. Sometimes the student or the teacher finds that the course is not suitable after the first lesson. If this is the case, we will discuss it together and look for a solution (possible solutions include another course within De Taalvraag, another school or no course at all). The contract also includes options for cancellation in a later stage.

cursisten maken een mindmap De Taalvraag

Photos: Students making a mind map, summer 2019

Cursisten maken een mindmap 2019
mindmap-de taalvraag

Method and guidance:

1. Duration of the lessons:

The lessons last 2 or 2,5 hours.

2. Course content:

During the course we will often practice speaking. You will be given homework (a few hours per lesson) for reading, writing, listening and vocabulary. We discuss the homework in class. This combination of classroom practice and self-study means that most students reach the next level within one course period.

3. Teaching methods:

With beginners we work with Code Plus part 1 and 2. To attain levels B1 and B2 we work with Code Plus parts 3 or In zicht. The Code Plus method also has a lot of online practice material. 

4. Tests and exams:

You will receive a test after 1 or 2 chapters of the teaching method (online and / or on paper). At the end of the course, you will receive level tests and sample exams. You will also receive a certificate from De Taalvraag. This is not an official diploma. To obtain an official diploma you have to take the Integration Exam or the State Exam.

5. Taking the exam

At the end of the course, you can take the Integration Exam (after a course to attain level A2) or State Exam 1 or 2 (after a course to attain levels B1 or B2). We will advise you after you have taken sample exams and / or level tests on whether to take the exam. Sometimes, we advise against taking an exam for 1 or more skills. Regardless of whether you want to take the exam, the sample exams will give you insight into your level.

6. Guidance:

At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course you will have an individual coaching session with Marilene. If necessary, you can always discuss your progress with the teachers more often.

7. Marilene speaks good English and reasonable Spanish. All teachers speak good English. Students can request more information about our courses in these languages.

avondgroep met Ricardo De Taalvraag

Foto: Photo: Evening group 2018, Sinterklaas


1. The course intake is free.

2. You will receive free tea and coffee during our lessons at the location.

3. The prices of the courses do not include teaching methods. You will receive the books at home or at school, if you have a DUO loan. Otherwise you must buy the books yourself.

4. DUO pays for the books and copies. We do not pay for laptops, travel expenses or other gifts with DUO money. This is illegal. The school may lose their quality mark.

5. If you pay yourself, you can choose to pay in 1 or 2 periods. You will receive the (first) invoice the week you have signed the contract. You can pay the second invoice halfway through the course (including an administrative fee). You can pay the invoices through online banking.

6. When DUO pays for your course, you must give online permission. Payment by DUO is always after a period of lessons, in 2 or 3 installments. In your contract, you agree to pay for all lessons.

7. If you start a course more than a month later, the course fee is lower. (See link)

8. When following group courses you must also pay for lessons you miss. When following private lessons, we will reach a separate agreement on this.

9. Education is VAT-free, so you do not pay VAT for the lessons.

10. The contract contains conditions for cancellation. Course fees will only be refunded if these conditions are met.

Hybride les – cursisten in de klas werken samen met cursisten online

Photo: Hybrid lesson – students in the classroom are working together with students online

Online and / or at the location in Rotterdam?

There are 3 options:

     Courses that are all on location (marked green on the grid).

      Courses that are completely online (yellow gemarkeerd op het rooster).

     Courses with a combination of on-site and online classes. (marked yellow and green on the grid).                                                     For example: 1 lesson per week online and 2 lessons per week on site.

If you are not prepared to follow online classes, you cannot start a course. The teacher can always decide to change classes on location to online classes.

If there is a class on location and are you sick, you may be able to follow the class online.

The timetable is subject to change after consultation with the students during the course.

We do not offer classes in student’s homes or at their place of work.

hybride les cursus de taalvraag
De Taalvraag groep met hybride les, zomer 2020 (3 cursisten online, 5 cursisten, waarvan 1 echtpaar, in de klas)

Photos: Hybrid lesson, summer 2020 (3 students online, 5 students, including one couple, in the classroom)

Information about NT2 language lessons
Levels of NT2 group courses at De Taalvraag

CEFR levelDescriptionOfficial ExamNecessary forPercentage of the Dutch population with this level as their highest level of proficiency
No course possible
Proficient speaker (native speaker with university degree)5%
C1Proficient speaker10%
B2Independent speakerState Exam 2MBO level 4, HBO and university education
B1Independent speakerState Exam 1MBO level 1, 2 and 340%
A2BeginnerIntegration ExamDutch passport15%
De Taalvraag-cursisten werken samen, jan. 2019

Photo: Students working together, January 2019